February 22, 2017

Tasks of one sort naïvely bundled, wasting a substantial amount of cycles

Tasks of many sorts bundled with METAQ, wasting far fewer cycles.

METAQ is a small suite of bash scripts I wrote to increase the ease and efficiency with which my collaborators and I use supercomputing resources.

Supercomputing time is almost always awarded through a competitive proposal process, and there’s usually not enough to make everybody happy. So, if you receive an allocation, you want to be sure you use it as best you can.

METAQ helps you avoid wasted cycles, by making it simple to group computational tasks together and to slot smaller and shorter tasks into otherwise-wasted cycles.

I wrote up a description of METAQ for the arχiv.

Update 2017-03-21: METAQ was covered by The Next Platform!

February 22, 2017

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