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Visiting a close colleague at NERSC.
My full CV is available, as well as my teaching statement and stance on diversity.

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Institut für Kernphysik and Institute for Advanced Simulation at Forschungszentrum Jülich, in Germany.

I employ lattice gauge theory to study few-nucleon systems and other strongly-coupled problems which must be solved numerically. My latest interests include neutrinoless double beta decay, fundamental symmetries, axion cosmology, two-nucleon systems from QCD, algorithmic improvements, and gauge/gravity duality.

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You can look at my author pages on the arχiv, inspireHEP, Research Gate or Google Scholar. I try to keep my ORCID current.My Erdős number is at most 5, through Tom Cohen.

Covered by The Next Platform! Here's a brief description.

Weirdly, covered by a major Russian news outlet.

Stealth Dark Matter made its way into various popular outlets, including and the Italian edition of Scientific American.

Written up in the Technology Review arXiv blog.


A complete list of my talks can be found in my CV.


I love to teach and do not consider it to be a “distraction from research”, but rather a crucial part of doing physics that helps me clarify my understanding and allows me to spread my passion to others.

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