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Visiting a close colleague at NERSC.
My full CV is available, as well as my teaching statement and stance on diversity.

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Institut für Kernphysik and Institute for Advanced Simulation at Forschungszentrum Jülich, in Germany.

I employ lattice gauge theory to study few-nucleon systems and other strongly-coupled problems which must be solved numerically. My latest interests include neutrinoless double beta decay, fundamental symmetries, axion cosmology, two-nucleon systems from QCD, the Hubbard model, algorithmic improvements, and gauge/gravity duality.

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You can look at my author pages on the arχiv, inspireHEP, Research Gate or Google Scholar. I try to keep my ORCID current.My Erdős number is at most 5, through Tom Cohen.

I wrote an introduction to our work on the axial coupling; more media coverage is linked to at the bottom of that description.

Covered by The Next Platform! Here's a brief description.

Weirdly, covered by a major Russian news outlet.

Stealth Dark Matter made its way into various popular outlets, including and the Italian edition of Scientific American.

Written up in the Technology Review arXiv blog.


Only a small sampling; a complete list of my talks can be found in my CV.


I love to teach and do not consider it to be a “distraction from research”, but rather a crucial part of doing physics that helps me clarify my understanding and allows me to spread my passion to others.

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